Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Am I over the hill yet?

Awaiting my 47th birthday and suddenly I'm feeling a tad too old.  Some say that going over the hill begins at 40 but I've always been one to view life in the glass-half-full category, life begins at 40.   It was true, back when I was 40 too.  After having 7 children and a few miscarriages, I hit 40 with a bang.  40 didn't have anything on me.   I was in the best shape that I ever was in all my whole adult life.  Lost weight, exercise daily, eat healthy and whipping my kids and a few others in Racquetball and outrunning them in basketball.  It lasted a few years, before a few unfortunate turns in life crippled me from continuing in that route along the line of "life begins at 40". 

Now, 3 years short of turning half-a century-old, I'm wondering why it seems I'm hurdling over the hill instead of dragging my feet.   My sister-in-law, Yvonne and I made a pack back at 39 that we weren't going gracefully into our 40s.  Now,  I'm not so sure I'm  putting up too much resistant.  I'm letting myself go!  The roots of my hair needs retouching, I need to get back to my exercise routine, eat healthy and not to mention I'm stalling in plucking my eyebrows that now can grow wild and bushy and white. YUCK!!   Where did my will power go when I was 40?

Well thank the Lord for new years.   I have a long list of New Year Resolutions.  I haven't started yet but I'm practicing "PATIENCE".   It's coming.  I have a few secret ammunition that in indispensable in resuming my battle with that  "hill".    Especially now that pre-menopause is tailing me and pain joints are nagging at me.  Is turning 47 truly the "over the hill" age?  I'm wondering.  Seriously wondering.  

It will not be an easy battle.   The more I delay getting started, that scarier the "hill" looks.  Gradually transforming into a "mountain".   A woman can not begin without proper equipments.  I will deal with those equipments in my next blog. 


  1. Absolutely LOVE your blog! Keep it up. The way you word everything and can describe EXACTLY how you feel...well, that's an amazing talent and honestly, it is beautiful and hits the heart strings. You are so talented with words and they flow so smoothly from your mind. Love reading your blog.

  2. Mahana thank you. This blogging business sharpens my writing skills. I love it and I owe it to you for starting me out.