Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bring 'em out girls

"Natural", I find, just doesn't cut it when you reach a certain age.   Now, the body needs some kind of enhancement to help it out with its journey in housing our souls.   I'm not talking about plastic surgery.  Plastic surgery on the face just make it look deformed.   For older women at that.    I'm talking about anti-wrinkle creams, firm, tone and tightening of the skin serums.  Supplements, cleanse, green tea and a whole lot of water.  My sister loves her green tea and I adore her for it but honestly, I don't know how she can stand the stuff.   The smell of it alone turns my stomach.  It's foul.  And for exercising, I'm thinking it's a must to recruit a partner to boost your motivation level up a notch.  Doing it alone can be downright boring.

Eating healthy is a must but at this point in my life, it'll take a miracle to change my eating habits.  I'll just consume more lettuce and tomatoes to balance out the oreos and chocolate.  LOL.  But I know my eating habits has got to go.

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