Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jumping the Gun

An Anthony Jones called me at work, upset that he went to the seminar and the hotel clerks had no idea what seminar he was talking about.  I took his zip code,  looked up the Melville location seminar and sure enough, he went on the wrong day.   The Seminar is not until Feb. 2.  We both laughed in relief as he blurted guiltily, "Man, I'm jumping the gun here".
I haven't heard this phrase for a while and for a moment I was taken aback by how sometimes in life we "jump the gun".  Jump to the wrong conclusion because we misunderstood, misread and misinterpreted circumstances as well as people.  Sabotage a relationship with good friends and loved ones because were were misinformed and misled by half-truths and  rumors.   We're quick to condemn and slow to understand.
It's not  complicated to avoid "jumping the gun" at any time.  Taking deep breaths and rethinking things over in our heads can help stall making the brief mistakes of misjudging people and their circumstances.   Take a step or two back and reevaluate the situation and NEVER, NEVER forget the "Golden Rules".  

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