Friday, January 21, 2011

Mid-life Crisis

When I think about mid-life crisis, I  picture in my head all kinds of horrific crashes.   Car crashes, train crashes, plane crashes and a big mountain crashing down on me, swallowing me up, burying me alive and suffocating me.  Half-way into this journey of  "LIFE" between 40 and 60, we pause and take a quick glance backward and for  many, it suddenly hits home.    BOINK!!!   Cr@SH*!!!
"What in the flippin hell have I been doing with my life?"  
"How did I get to this point?"   
"How can I dig myself out of this pit?" 
"Where do I go from here?"  
"How will I survive this?"   So many hopeless questions. 
I'm sure some are forever, within their marriages,  contemplating upon: 
"Ooops, I picked me the wrong woman/man.  Should have gotten the one that got away."
"What in the world did I ever see in him/her?" 
"I can't believe I fell for that crap again."
 "Has he/she always been insufferable?"
"By golly I never thought he/she would bore me to tears." 
"She has become a dried up old prune"  (Huh, this is a good one)
"Oh wow, here comes that hunk of a boss or that hot, sexy,younger looking babe".  Wink. Wink.
All the "commonplaces" in your marriage become your "battlegrounds".
What you use to love about your spouse when you first met is the utmost annoyance in your marriage. 

Then, there are others who ignorantly dwell in their stage of denial
Deny Deny Deny
"Well, I never saw it coming."  
"Never in a million years."
The "should have been", "could have been", "would have been"s  of reality.
Your mothers lovely face saying, "Didn't I tell you?"  
Yet, The signs were all there.  Oh yeah.   We were  momentarily blindsided  by love, lust, greed and something else. 
At this "crashing" point in our lives, within these "Crisis" in our middle ages, there  follows a pivotal period of decision making. 
To set things right.  To fix things.  To make things pleasant and to make a brand new start. 
Time to make that change.  Urgently and Immediately. 
Sadly, some will choose to remain  angry, bittter and unforgiving.   They allow resentment and holding grudges to eat away at them.  
I say, sulk if you must, cry out loud, weep quietly if you must, scream, shout, kick and spit if you must. 
Do what you need to do and  then make that change.  
Even if you have to swim, crawl, limp, walk, run and waltz from the crashes of Midlife. 
Pick yourself up!  Dig yourself out wherever you are,  for "LIFE" is simply too beautiful and short to dwell in our Midlife Crisis'.   

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