Sunday, January 23, 2011

Way ahead of yourself

Her voice trailed with mockery as she said to me, "You're way ahead of yourself there mom".  Referring to my brilliant ideas in starting our her singing career.  Mele is 12 years old and she's learning how to play the guitar from various "youtube" channels.   She's one string short of the sixth because we haven't got spare change to get anymore.   Of course, as a mother, my dreams for all my children far outshine the sun itself.   It consumes me but doesn't derange me.
"Why don't you start writing your own songs Mele", I suggested. 
"Look at Taylor Swift, she started  out at about your age.  She wrote her own songs.  Why, when you reach 16 or 17 you'll be a superstar"  I continued.   She hesitates for a second then said, "But it's hard to write your own songs."   I replied, "You're a great writer Mele, it'll come to you." 
Last week she came home with a medallion bestowed upon her by the Mayor of West Jordan for best essay in her schools D.A.R.E program.  Before that, she wrote another essay that got her an "A" and amazes her teacher.   She truly has a gift for writing.  
I admit that sometimes, YES,  I do get "way ahead of myself" when it comes to my kids talents.  As long as I'm alive and breathing, I want to assist them in any way I can so they can develop those God-given talents.    I'm not about to have them stuff it in a closet or hide it "under a bushel".  That would be a total waste.  This new year 2011 is all about developing talents. 

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  1. Amen Sela! You are such a great supporter for the talents each one of your kids possess. Good job mama.