Thursday, February 3, 2011

I never knew

Overheard on the radio a statement made by the famous Dean Koontz that goes something like, "In our 20s we think we know everything.  In our 30s we know we don't know everything and in our 40s we realize we'll never know everything".  Truly the case in the decades of our lives.  Like butterflies, we leave the cocoon of our youths and embrace adulthood in our 20s.  We zoom into life with such gusto, chip-on-your-shoulder attitude and sometimes overbearing arrogance.   Yes, we know everything about everything and anything.   I am the captain of my ship, pilot of my airplane and master of my destiny. I am in control and no one knows what's best for me but me.
Then 30s dawn on us like a new day.  Almost like an awakening. Where you look back at your 20s and saw a few wrinkles that needs to be ironed out.  That you should have paid more attention after all or listened instead of just hearing.  Mature and wiser as time goes.  Wishing you knew then what you know now and that time is still your friend if you're not too busy to make a needed change. 
REALITY nips you in the butt when you hit your 40s.   It's crystal clear that no matter how hard we try, we will never know everything about everything.  We may not accomplish everything we want to accomplish but we will accomplish something, if not already.  And that "something" is your passion, your true calling and the very purpose of your existence.   Time is still your friend but you realize you're running out.   Like butterflies, we make our niches on the flowers we love most and has the sweetest nectar. 
The Metamorphosis of our lives are incredible and fascinating.  We are refine and define by them. 

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