Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Home wrecker, heart breaker and  a deserter!!   Infidelity is a cruel cruel monster that devastates families and shatter precious hearts of children caught up in its way.   Just last week, the husband of one of my dearest friend abandoned her and her six children for another woman.  A woman who now, not once, but twice broken up marriages and has children of her own.
Last Sunday I saw one of my friends daughter.  She's about my Mele's age.  We had a program at church and I can't help but notice her eyes had been swollen from crying.  The look of lost and forlorn she carries.  I can only assume its from the freshly separation of a father she adores from her mother whom she loves.
Don't these parents realize that when they break up homes, the ones that suffer the most are the children?  
I recall all the faces of these six children and I couldn't help but cry at what they must be going through.  To have their father abandon them.  Dumps them like they're just pieces of garbage that has no meaning in his life.  To walk out on them for the love of another woman!  The audacity of a mom or a dad to crush the hearts of their own flesh and blood!
I can tolerate a man walking out of his children, but when a woman, a mother, walks out of her children, that I can not comprehend.
I know something about marital problems.  Having been married for 25 years and begetting 7 children, I have an idea of what can tear a husband and wife apart.  But all in all, when they put their own selfish needs behind and focus on the more important part of their lives, their children, they will manage to work things out.  
I think infidelity happens when you loose focus on what's most important in your life.  That it's not all about "you" but the ones you brought into this life.   They are your priority.
So for the cheaters, creepers and shameless fornicators, best beware that "what goes around comes around".  Life has a funny way of avenging the innocent hearts, and homes of families that you've been wrecking, breaking and deserting.  

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