Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leaving the Nest

A forlorn melancholy  feeling tugged at my heart when the reckoning strikes that they are starting to take their leave.  The rush of teenage adrenalin and mischievousness took it's toll making me yearn with welcoming anticipation the day that they will finally leave home.  Fall off the nest already, begone, fly away.  They were driving me wild with endless worry and hair-pulling frustrations. 
The day came but with their leaving though, instead of jumping for joy and cheering their departure, I find an enormous hole in my heart longing to prolong their stay at home.  Making me realize the truth about the only constancy in this life is change.
First with my oldest son Leveni's premature marriage.  Then when Sisilia left for college and with Petueli leaving on his mission.  On all three occasions I bawled secretly and quietly.  Not wanting my husband and the younger kids see me crying like a baby.
A family photo on my refrigerator door is missing two beloved faces.  Oh but I do miss them.  5 out of 7 for Sisilia returned from school.  I stare at the picture knowing with certainty that this is only the beginning of their leaving the nest.    One by one, they will eventually step off and step out.  We will then be right back to square one where it all started.  My beloved and I. 
Never again will I long for that day for it will come soon enough.  For my still-at-home children, I will savor and treasure every moment with them.  Through rain or shine, thick and thin, black and white for I am in no hurry at all for them to leave the nest.   They are welcome to stay as long as they want. 

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