Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Joe Massey death

(Written on Feb. 17th 2010)

I saw death again to-day.  Countless times I've experienced death through close family and close friends.  Yet when I see a mother weeping over her child, the depth of grief, I can only assess, must be devastating and sad.  But like the birth of a child, the depth of joy a mother feels, must equal in opposite, the depth of grief and bereavement when loosing a child.

Birth and death, arrival and departure, joy and grief.  Entrance into life and exiting out of life.  All contradictions yet inevitable in the journey of humanity.  I thought about Joe when I saw him at the ICU.  I wonder when a spirit departs from this vessel that we call "body", does it do one last round of this earth before they leave it for good?

I saw a beautiful picture of a waterfall, gently flowing down into a river.  If I were Joe, I would take one last dive into that clear cool water.  One last dip and let my spirit fly through the earth before I leave it for good.  Joe's body was still warm.  Gradually though it began to drop its temperature.  Getting slowly, slowly cold. 
Leaving the body to decay into dust once again.  Does the spirit soar when the body is left behind?  I guess no one knows until we get there.  I love Joe.  I may not have been close to him, but I still love him.

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