Monday, May 30, 2011


Anthony Robbins said in his "Awaken the Giant Within" book that if you want pleasure in your life, you have to plan for it.  If you don't plan for pleasure, you will not have it.  I also find that when I plaster that smile
on my face even when I'm down in the pits, that it does work.  It just brightens up my darken moods and my bottled and tangled emotions. 

My main worry these past few days is for my Sisilia.  She's going through a relationship that seems hauntingly unclear.  I don't know which of us feels the heavier weight.  Her or me.  I feel her and what she's going through and as much as she is in denial with it all, I know she hurts.  This guy, is exactly the type she needs, has strung her up and leave her hanging.  I think she's lost within her own jungle of emotions.  But enough said about that, if he thinks he's too good for her then he's got another thing coming.  Sisilia is a gem, perhaps a little rough around the edges but she's going to be a prize for any man if he can tie her down. 

God works is so many mysterious ways.  I've been in despair trying to figure out a solution for our finances but Heavenly Father has a way of coming through every single time.  Just when I'm about to loose it, He comes through for me.  For my family and it just tells me how little faith I have in Him.  Everytime we have a crisis in my life, I sometimes forget that God has the power over all the earth.  Under, above and beyond.  So I am grateful and I want to shout Hallelujah to Him for saving me and my family in every twists and turns of our unstable life. 

God and Anthony Robbins are my anchors as of now.  What I read in Tony's book has helped me stay focus and remain saint.  That "this too shall pass".  If only for a moment.  God just makes everything better in His own way and in His own due time.  I just need to HANG IN THERE, watch, learn and grow. 

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