Thursday, June 9, 2011


Last night we succeeded in getting Sisilia to do an audition video for the new XFACTOR-USA show.  Kicking and screaming of course and it was somehow odd.  I guess I'll never understand exactly what it is she hates about her singing.  She sang Pixie Lott "Cry me Out".   She did great only she could have done so much better had she willingly wanted to.  Well I won't be disappointed.  After all she had told me herself she had never wanted to pursue it in the first place.  So we'll take whatever little she can give. 

Last night, I took my three youngest girls Mele, Pati and Beverly to audition for the upcoming Westfest.  They did so good.  It's their very first audition and I can't help but be amazed at the fact that they actually wanted to audition.  Had they been Sisilia, they would run away so fast as if the devil was at their heels.  Unlike the oldest, these girls try so hard to be as good as her.  Last night was proof of how much they want to make something of their talent.  I realize I have been misplacing my attention.  Sisilia don't need anyone.  My younger girls need me now. 

To-day I was able to upload her singing video onto the XFACTOR site.  Only the audition part and not the introduction part.  I didn't have time so there goes all the trouble I went through to get her to record the video.  I don't even know if they are going to even look at it.  Oh, well one more attempt down the drain so I think for now, we'll just let her be.  Time to move on to better things. 

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