Sunday, June 5, 2011

I love Sundays

How do I feel about Sundays?  To me it feels like coming home.  Home into the warm embrace of a loving Father.  To bask in His glorious love.  To be edified, inspired and strengthens.  This is why I love Sundays.  For 6 days it feels as if I've been running the marathon of life.  And then and then on the 7th you finally get to take that much needed rest.  To stop, pause and take time to catch my breath.  So tired, weary and longing for spiritual fortification.  Sundays refreshes, strengthens, renews and cleanses me.   It's like leaping into an ocean of "living water".   So cool, so refreshing and so divine.   My everyday sins are washed away, my pride humbled and my heart purified and uplifted spiritually in His grace.

We take time this day to worship and express gratitude to the Almighty.  That He  and only He is the Creator of all things in this world.  That He knows what's best for His children here on earth.  This is why He created Sundays.  So we will always remember Him and never to forget Him.  Every Sunday I go to church, I make sure my children go to church.  They need to build that foundation within them  because in this noisy world of disorderliness and chaos, Sundays can give them peace, reassurance and hope.  If they allow Heavenly Father into their lives.

From Monday to Saturday, I can do everything my heart desires.  Only one day of the week, Sabbath Day, does He asks us to let this be His day.  It's His Holy Day.  Truly thankful for every Sabbath Day.  It's a day of rest and it's a day devoted entirely to God. 

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