Tuesday, June 14, 2011


After weeks of waiting to hear from my son Eld. Toki, we finally received an email.  Every time I receive an email from him, I just want to break down and weep in relief that he's ok and that I have missed him so much.  He asked if we received a handwritten letter from him.  We haven't received any but I'm sure it will come.  I'm thrilled that after 9 months of serving his mission, he finally has the willpower to sit down and write a handwritten letter. 

I love writing letters.  Ever since I was a little girl, correspondence have always been with pen and paper.  Now that the internet is taking over, letter writing has indeed become scarce.  Every chance I have though, I write a handwritten letter to my son who is out there in the boonies of Hilo, HI.  To-day his email was very touching.  He labors diligently as a missionary I am so grateful for him.  He has set a great example for the
rest of my children.  Some of them are already excited to serve a mission.

As time goes, everyone emails.  The fast and easy way to it is very convenient.  Write someone and they'll receive it in 5 seconds.  Who wouldn't want to switch to this?  Yet, there's something about writing a handwritten letter.  A bond with the past and somehow a little more meaningful.  You rush through your emails and then it ends.  With a letter, you take your time and slowly you put your feelings down on paper and while you ponder, other things comes to your mind that you want to include in your letter.

Once in a while I write handwritten letters.  There's one person I need to consistently write to.  One day I will bring myself to do it and that's to my sister in Tonga.  It's been so long since I've written to her. 

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