Saturday, June 18, 2011

Money Money Money

The bible says that "the love of money is the root of all evil".  I don't love money but I love what money can do for me.  Money, like time, gets more precious when there's little left of it.  I don't mind living from pay check to pay check but I do mind when we run out way before the next pay check comes in.  It's simply wretched.  Funny how I've always imagine that if I have more money I'll be a happy camper.  Then I see all these famous rich people and their messed up lives and I couldn't imagine what it is about their money that they could be unhappy about. 
The phrase "money talks" speaks for itself.  What it doesn't do is buy happiness.  The lack of it however wreaks unhappiness.  So, there has to be a balance.  For years and years we've struggled financially.  I have adjusted well to having no money, now, I don't just want to adjust, I want to enjoy life and it takes a little money, more then what we have to do that.  Therefore, time is my enemy as well as myself.  Almost over the hill am I and I have the time to attempt trying to make money.  However, I am grateful for everything that we have.  We have been blessed.  Life itself is a blessing and everyday is a gift so, we have to find happiness in the little things that life offers and to pursue the course of making  more money without getting lost in the pursuit.
Money is a convenience.  It can get you many things but can't get you true happiness.  Happiness is a choice. 

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