Saturday, June 4, 2011

Patiola Savannah

She is my fifth child and born a month premature.  Patiola was only 5 lbs and as a baby she was very, very attached to me.  At 13 going on 16, she's beautiful, sweet and spikey in her own special way.  Last night we went to my sister-in-law's house to visit Grandma Silia who just returned from the the hospital.  Pati decided she wanted to go and spend the night over there with Sisilia, her sister.  When we got there, 'Eleni was home and didn't need anyone to stay with Grandma so we ended up taking Pati to Fusi's brother's wedding celebration dance.  She had on denim shorts and of course inappropriately dressed for the dance.  She ended up just sitting by us watching people dance.

One of Mahonrai's rugby team players unexpectedly asked her to dance.  Pati shyly got up to dance with him.  The song was Justin Bieber's "Baby, Baby..." something.  Right when they got to the floor, this guy just bust out with some serious dance moves.  He had about 5 friends sitting by us and they all burst out laughing.  I knew exactly how Pati felt.  Here she is trying to keep a low profile because of the way she's dressed and here is this overgrown-like-Mahonrai boy drawing all the attention to them on the dance floor. 

We took out Sione's camera to record the most awkward moment perhaps ever, in our daughter's 13 years of life.  We laughed our butts off because this guy was unstoppable and our poor baby just swayed shyly feeling so darn embarrased.  My husband leaned over to me and said, "She's got your moves".  He thinks I have no moves when it comes to dancing.  This boy kept Patiola on the floor for 2 whole songs.  I saw Pati beckoning Fusi's sister Lavi to come and dance with them.  I just couldn't stop laughing because this guy was hilarious on the dance floor and Pati just didn't know what to do.  After the second song, instead of returning to our corner, she went and sat across the gym far away from the boys. It was one of those kodak moments.  LMBO.  As we returned home she just couldn't believe what had happened at the dance.   

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