Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I was terrified that he would not continue making music.  For him to stop making music would be like taking laughter out of his life.  Fusi is the love of his life but music is the joy of his life.  It's his only outlet in this fast and furious world.  We all need something in our lives that defines us and for my son Leveni, MUSIC defines him.  He is a genious when it comes to making music and I believe he is obscenely talented when it comes to that. 

He's written enough songs for an album and more but many of his songs leaked so he couldn't do the album that he intended to do.  For a period of time he quit making music.  It was a distraction to his marriage.  A few of his songs were posted on YOUTUBE and from that, people complimented, asked, called, seek him out for more music then finally, to my surprise, he calls to let me know he is releasing his very first single.  I felt so much relief because to me Music completes him.  Life without his own music is many things.  Colorless, Boring, Sad, Gloomy and can be downright frustrating because he would have nowhere to release his energy and my son is a very energetic person.  Music soothes and calms him.

Now he's prepping to release something that I've never known or heard of before called "Mixtapes".  I guess it's very popular for artists now-a-days where they take someone else's song and mix it in with their own version.  It's for promotional use only but that's how he wants to start out with his career in music.  I'm just thrilled at the fact that he is making music again for I am his #1 fan for life. 

If Leveni is PERSISTENT enough, his music will succeed.  I've lived long enough to know that without persistent, we'll go nowhere in this life.  He is doing this his own way and in his own style.  I just hope he will never give up MUSIC.  A quote by Isaac Asimov states, "If you have talent, you will receive some measure of success - but only if you persist."  I just hope my son isn't anything like me because I lack this.  It's something I need to work on which will call for a completely different post on a whole new page.

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