Wednesday, June 1, 2011


One of my son Leveni's song is called "All or Nothing".  It also quotes that "time is money" and I'm thinking how right on the money that is.  Time is so precious and I'm sure everyone under the sun knows this.  How we use our time reveals the worth we put on it.  Once gone, there's no turning back.  That's why it's so important that we use it wisely. 

First day of June and boy this year is already half way gone.  What have I accomplished this year anyway?  Really, nothing has been accomplished except getting wiser with time.  The older I get the clearer my views are on life itself.  There's no time for negativity at all.  With our relationship with family, friends and others.  We need to draw closer and feed on each others' strength, love and friendship.  Appreciate the good things in life and the fact that we are alive and continue to breath in this wonderful, beautiful world. 

"Time waits for no man".  I want to make everything count.  So many things I need to work on though.  My focus is the happiness of my children and my family.  Their needs are so simple.  Nothing extravagant.  Happiness is right at everyone's fingertips.  It's only a matter of choice. 

Make use of our time wisely my friends.  You only live once.  Hold those that are dear to us closer and let them know each and every day how complete our lives are with them in it.  Show them how precious they are to all of us.  Time is our own common treasure.  Everyone has the same amount day in and day out. 

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