Friday, July 29, 2011


     "Mom guess what?"  I listened as her voice anxiously impatient to inform me of something.  Wondering  I asked, "What?"  "You won't believe this mom, but Emily ( her best friend from next door) is going to Lagoon on Saturday".  Not wanting to seem uninterested I responded, "UH HUH?"  Waiting for her next statement.  "Well, instead of taking me with her to Lagoon mom, she is taking a boy that she likes".  Then she went on as disappointment coated her voice, "Can you believe that mom?  I mean, I am her best friend and instead of taking me, she takes him."  
     I struggled hopelessly not to chuckle but failed and tried to cover up by feigning a shocking impression.  This daughter have so much to learn about life, friendship and best friends"What?  I can't believe Emily would do that to you!"  Immediately she retaliated,  "I know mom.  On my next birthday, I'm not going to take her with me to my party.."  I know my baby well enough that she will forgive Emily tomorrow.  After all, they are "BEST FRIENDS".
     Aren't we all lucky we have people that we can define as "BEST FRIENDS".  I have two of them in my life.  Julie and Sela.   Met in High School and our bond has been strengthened over time that we feel more like sisters now then friends.  No matter where we are in life, our connection remains strong and steady even when we haven't seen each others for years.  And I love them like my own sisters.
     Who is your best friend?  Are they as loyal to you as you are to them?  Can you trust them with your life?  If you answer "yes" to the above questions, then consider yourself truly blessed.  Somewhere I either heard or read, "Your best friend always has another best friend".  It could be their husband, boyfriend, sister-in-law, co-worker etc, etc etc?  Or it could be their closest neighbour, ward member and cousin?  No matter, there's always one, in the midst of the friendship, who carries the depth of the term "best friend" to it's fullest.  If you are "NOT" that one, then you are the "OTHER". 
     Many are lucky to have that "best friend" in the complete sense of the word.  Others are not so lucky because they don't have one "true" friend in the world.  They have "friends", but no "true friends" nor "best friends".  I have been greatly blessed with two dear and beloved best friends.  My daughter will eventually come to grip with the fact that, even with the best of friends and the best of intentions, something or someone will always come up short, but then, that's where understanding, toleration and acceptation fill in the gap and the difference.  Cheers then to all the "BEST FRIENDS" out there. 

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