Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Time

Almost always overwhelmed with emotions when I think about my family.  Not only immediate but also extended.  They bring joy and warmth to my heart and I love spending time with them.  Yesterday evening, July 4th we got a chance to have FHE with all our children.  Leveni and Fusi warms my heart as I see how they struggle to balance their marriage and life out.  Fusi is such a delightful addition to our family and I love her as my own.  She is good for my son.  I feel blessed with all my children.  We are not a perfect family, far from that, but we are a loving family.  Loving enough to see pass our differences and accept each others as we are.  

My son said something that really surprises me.  Something about life being too short for pettiness.  He meant too short for meaness, intolerance and hate.  Hearing and seeing him step it up as the oldest son, big brother and Priesthood holder brings such joy to my heart.  He is learning and he is growing.  I am so proud of him.  He REMEMBERS what has been taught to him.  He showed it by his never ending help on Sisilia's birthday.  What joy this brings to my heart when I see my children contribute, serve and help each others and others.

We barbequed at Isi and Whit's new home.  A brand new start as they bought their own home.  I love watching these young ones move forward in life according to what is desired of them.  Serve missions, go to school and then start a family.  It's so exciting.  I love spending time with families.  Both mine and Siones.  I love Family Reunions too. 

When all is said done, I know families will always be there for you.  To pick up where you fall short, to comfort, to encourage and to love you.  What a blessing to have a families.  But most of all, what an honor to be part of one, especially the ones I have. 

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