Thursday, July 28, 2011


     It is the BEST medicine!  So exhilarating and refreshing.  Whether we laugh out loud or a suppressed laugh, it's still has an effect.  A significant effect.  I find joy and relief when I laugh.  It's like turning your whole inside out and letting the sun shine on it.  Letting fuzzy warm feelings of happiness and delightfulness take over your being.  Conveying to the outside world, a countenance that is of pure unalterable joy.  So go ahead and laugh.  Let it all out. 
Laugh hysterically
Laugh bounteously
Laugh shamelessly
     Laugh even when you don't feel like laughing.  You'll be surprised at how fast serious and hopeless situations will seem bearable to you when you indulge in laughter.  It works like magic. 
So if you're feeling blue, down and out, try exercising some face muscles and chest muscles in laughing.  Turn that frowning face upside down and laugh the blues away.  If you can't, search for something that will
make you double over in laughter. 
     America's FunniestVideos are sure to make you laugh hysterically.  Funny movies, stand up comedians and so on and so forth.  Treat yourself to a session of laughter each and every day.  Don't miss out on moments that you have to release all your frustrations, suppressions and depressions in the joy of blissfull laughter.    


  1. Thanks Sela! I really needed to be reminded of this simple act that can make such a great impact!

    Love you blog BTW =)