Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Do What I Say, NOt What I Do!"

     One Sunday morning finds me howling and screaming for my unfound shoe.  Being heavy with child #4, I couldn't properly bend down to look under the bed or anywhere else searching for my lost shoe.  This time our roles were switched, the kids were ready and I'm hobbling back and forth, like a mad woman, looking for my one and only shoe that fits.  When I'm pregnant, my body expands with extra water (in denial) not wanting to acknowledge "fat".  Perhaps they made up water to make women feel better about gaining weight with pregnancy.  Fooling ourselves that our bodies will be flat again once the baby shoots out.  What a joke!  Anyway, my feet gains two more sizes so it's hard to find oversize shoes that fits me comfortably.  These shoes were my one and only.  
     Frustrated that I couldn't find my shoes, I shrieked at the kids to help me locate them.  At the same time, reprimanding myself for being such a careless, unorganized pregnant mother.  My oldest son frowns in aggravation as he searched under the bed saying, "You always tell us to put away our shoes mom, so we can find it in the morning and why don't you put away your shoes?"  Good question. Why didn't I?  And who gave him the right to scowl at me?  I'm the mother here!  As mindless as I've been with thousand other things occupying my days, don't I deserve to be forgetfull at times.  (No excuse)
    I turned to my son, pointedly saying to him , "Just do what I say son, don't do what I do!"  It sounded so ridiculous to my own ears.  How's that for being a good example and role model.  I laughed about it later but the reality of it all is "Actions always speaks louder then words"  If you talk the talk but don't walk the walk, it'll be all in vain.  A big show that children will always pick up on.  I always have to be cautious of what I say that it matches what I do.  These children don't miss a thing. 

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