Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do you drive like you live?

Could the way we drive our cars manifest the way we live our lives?  Our true characters reveal themselves when we are behind the wheels of our vehicles.  Let me categorize please:

Careful and Cautious:  These are the ones that never gets the traffic tickets.  They don't text or talk on the phone when they drive.  Their seatbelt are always on.  They only nod back if you catch their attention and don't dare lift one hand to wave.  If they need to use the phone, they pull over to the side of the road.  They go speed limit all the time and occassionally under because they are being very careful.  Tip Toe you know.  Right on target.  They look to the left and to the right before turning and always have their blinker on when they turn.  Totally focus on the road and they never go beyond the speed limit because they make sure they have enough time to reach their targetted destination without having to speed up.  My daughter in law is one of them and I love her for it.  Just sometimes I wish she could speed up a little bit.   

Careless and Carefree:  They do as they please.  Text and talk on the phone while driving.  Even watch videos on their ipod while they drive.  They drive over the speed limit and sometimes under the speed limit holding up traffic while they text and talk.  They doze off to sleep while they're driving and don't seem to mind running over every pothole on the road.  They just don't give a fig.  Speed up when the yellow light almost turns red and they tend to roll on the STOP signs and stop on the YIELD signs.  They don't pay attention.  Instead of watching the road ahead, they constantly check out the nearby vehicles or look over the store locations, stare at the by standers and try to read emails instead of focusing on the drive.  They blame other people for their mistakes. They often almost run into something because they don't stay focus and had to overstep on the brakes shortening the life span of the brakes.  My husband is one them. 

Reckless and Demented:  They have a devil-may-care attitude and think they own the road.  Cut through traffic daringly and they are in a hurry even when there's nothing to hurry to.  Run RED lights, roll STOP signs if not run or ignore it all-together.  Text and talk on the phone and don't care who they cut off when they drive.  They don't slow down, they just make sudden stops and they go 10 miles over the speed limit all the time.  Heaven forbid if anyone wants to get ahead of them, they'll race them or speed up and they never, never allow anyone to bud in infront of them even when there is a "merging" sign on the road.  They are the honk-users and flip off doers and cuss-you- out abusers!  Honk at everyone, cuss at anyone and flip off someone every now and then.  When one is slow to turn, they honk.  When another driver is slow to proceed on a green light, they honk.  Honk and scream then let out a curse word as they stick their head out while giving them the finger.   Their whole life is a rush rush.  My daughter is one of them.

The In-betweeners:  I am one of them.  I admit, I'm a little bit of all the above but, I never cuss.  NEVER! When I'm running late, I tend to be a little bit reckless and demented.  I only do honks when a driver sits there sleeping or texting and talking when the lights turn green.  I honk loud and long to startle and wake them out of it.  Laughingly knowing that I just tripled their hearbeats.   I rarely text while driving but I tend to briefly talk if no one is around to answer the phone.  I'm always gentle on my brakes and only do tailing when one is going under the speed limit.  I'm always careful not to roll the STOP signs and never to run a red light.  Sometimes I have my seatbelt on and sometimes not.  I'm considerate however, if one needs to pass infront of me I'll let them.  I only do speed ups when I'm running late for something important. 

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  1. Hmmmm, I never really considered that I might drive like I live but I guess after reading this, it's kinda true!!

    I'm an "in between" also. Courteous to other drives most of the time but when I'm a hurry, watch out!!! I have no patience in real life or behind the wheel!!