Friday, August 19, 2011

Fly of all things...

Never in my life have I known or seen anyone scared to death of tiny, helpless little creatures.  I heard her screeching from my bathroom shower like a chimpanzee and had to drop everything so I can sprint to see what's ailing her.  "Mom! Mom, come here!"  again and again.  Panic edged her voice as I got closer.  I opened the bathroom door and she pointed to the window, "There, mom, kill it, it's a huge fly.  Kill it please mom it's scaring me.  It's going to kill me"  I wondered how the hell she gets an idea like this.  She must have been watching too many scary movies.  And how the heck is a tiny fly going to gobble up or even kill an overgrown, almost 150lbs girl.  "For goodness sake you're a thousand times bigger then the fly!  It can not kill you.  Let alone eat you".  Is this girl serious.  "I'll get the fly swatter".  She yelps "No mom don't leave me".  I said "
"Wait a darn minute, I have to grap the fly swatter".  So I ran and got the fly killer and ran back to the bathroom before she hyperventilates.  This girl is nothing like her mother.  I am fearless when it comes to worms, bugs and creatures.  What scares me are snakes, slithering specimen and sea creatures. 
I hit the fly and missed.  It flew right to her inside the shower and she's screaming like crazy shaking her wet hair all over the place.  The fly flew out over the shower and I hit it again and missed.  That really pissed me off.  The third attempt squashed the bug and I pretended to throw it over to her inside the shower.  Just to get a kick out of it.  Of course her shrieking was louder then ever as I yelled, "I'm just kidding, it's out here."  I swap it up and showed her."  Dang, she calmed down but I just couldn't believe she's scared of a fly of all things. I don't get this and it dawned on me that this girl will never survive if she lived in Tonga.  Bugs, Creatures and all is our everyday companion. 
I left to pick up my husband from work and the first thing I hear upon my return was Patiola "Mom, I saw the most disgusting thing to-day."  I looked at her and asked, "What did you see honey?"  "I saw two flies mating in our house Mom.  They are expanding and they will take over our house."  For reals!  This girl is killing me.  I have to take in the fact that Pati was a primmy and the doctors say that she'll be a little slow thinking when she grows up.  She's beautiful though.  But just a little, tiny bit slow.  She does bring excitement everyday into our home. 


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