Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remember the Spinning Wheels!

 My son Leveni related to Fusi one of the many incidents that was truly funny back in his high school days.  Here is my version:

     Remember when those spinning wheels were the "in" thing?  I was fascinated by them and anticipated slapping some fake ones on our long, gigantic 12 passengers' van.  Of course we couldn't afford the real ones.  My oldest three, Leveni, Leli and Sisilia, thought they were hideous but it seems everyone was into it.  Especially the Mexicans. 
     One day, my wheels lacked two hubcabs.  One must have fallen off on the road and one couldn't stay on.  I saw it as an opportunity to shock the hair out of my children and throw some spinning hubs on.  The whole time I was at the shop picking which hubcaps to put on, I was tickled to death, scarcely containing myself from laughing hysterically because I already know what will happen when I get home. 
     True enough, just as I expected, without any disappointment on my part.  Windows were thrown open as shaking heads were sticking out, wide eyed with screams of disapprovement and disbelief.  I wasn't even properly parked yet.  They were High Schoolers still afterall.
"What the heck Mom?" yelled one.
"Are you trying to ruin our life woman?", another one screamed
"I'm not riding on that to school, from now on I'm walking!"
"Take it off Mom..."
"I can't believe you put that on our van mom..."
"What are you trying to do Mom?"
     All kinds of disapproving comments and it was a shocker.  They shook their heads yet there was laughter in their eyes when they surveyed the hubcaps, touching and looking.  Looking at me as if I was demented.  Questioning me thinking I don't know what I'm doing.  I had a blast just looking into their eyes and spurting out thunders of laughter. 
     About two days after, I noticed my sparkling spinners were'nt spinning.  Dang it but I just barely paid for all four of them.  As I tried to identify the problem.  I saw grey ductape as I drew closer.  Someone has gone out of their miserable way to tape my spinners so they wouldn't spin.  Boy I was furious.  How dare they mess with my spinners.  I removed the ductapes and of course scowled at my children.  I knew exactly who did it. 
     My three weren't kidding around.  They avoided that van like the plague.  Only when they had to have a ride did they get on it.  They couldn't get me to take them off until I was well and ready for them to come off.  Naturally, after a few months, they all fell off one by one.  Cheap hubcaps.
  They still remember those days and have so much fun talking about it now.  It wasn't fun for them back then but looking back, we all have a good laugh talking about it.  Fun times.  They do remember everything. 


  1. oh that is hilarious! Those hubcaps came in and out like the wind...but they were kinda fun...lol...funny story, thanks for sharing! =)

  2. Haha 'Aki thanks for reading. Glad you enjoy it.