Monday, August 29, 2011

River Rafting

It was one of those dreams that was just beyond the horizon for me.  Numerous times I'd see them floating down the river when we leave for ward camps or family reunions' camp and I'd envy them for being able to do that.  River Rafting.  This past weekend, my son and his wife made it possible for all of us to experience for the first time ever in our lives, River Rafting.  We had two rafts and my son Leveni was the captain of one and my brother-in-law, Veni, was the captain in ours.  Veni is crazy.  He got us yelling "Hip hip Hooray" throughout the entire time.  I had us singing "Row Row Row your Boat" and everyone around us were laughing and probably thought we were all crazy.  The thrill of river rafting had us a little bit roudy and loud.  It was spectacular and that water, that water was perfectly cold enough to freeze us in an extremely hot day. 

Our family and my sister-in-law's family (Neitas), plus my mother-in-law.  It was sweet seeing that she's able to get around and enjoying life.  She's in extreme fragile health as she has recently been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer and will undergo chemo next month.  Her unwaverling faith strengthens us as she leaves everything to God's Hands.  I love my mother-in-law. 

This past weekend was Heavenly.  Time spend with people I love doing something I love to do.  I'm in my element when I'm camping.  Nature speaks to me and I listen to it.  So magnificent and mysterious.  So beautiful and serene.  My son and his wife did an awesome job hosting.  I love them both so dearly.  I anticipate another day of going river rafting again.  What an experience.   

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