Friday, August 19, 2011

We don't do Family Vacations, We Do Family Reunions!

It's Friday afternoon and as I entered the Living Room, my two younger daughters, Mele and Papi, bombarded me with questions and complains. 
"Are we doing anything fun to-day?"  One grumbled
Pouting the other one stated:  "Man, mom, we haven't done anything fun this Summer and it's almost over."  Obviously, they've forgotten about the Family Reunion back in March.  That was our Summer fun for the year accept we had it a little early because of the flying benefits.  We had to go to Hawaii during the off season because most of us were using buddy passes from friends and family members.
"What are you talking about?  We did something fun back in March.   We went to Hawaii.  Remember?  (Even if its only EONS ago, the fun is suppose to last year round.)  We're also going river rafting next week.  So you'll have your fun before school starts."
"But school will start already by that time mom" one disagreed
I countered "Well you need to make your own fun, don't wait for fun to find you because that will never happen."  They didn't get that remark and I don't expect them to.  Sometimes I say things to the children that completely misses the mark.  They drove me to it too.  Plus, with all the Reunions we have every year, that should make up for the Vacation time.  We're Tongans after all and Tongans don't do Vacations.  We do Family Reunions and count those as Vacations.  And as for fun, these kids don't know how to have fun even if it bites them on the nose. 
They can:    Play hide and go seek
                  Run or walk around the block
                  Climb a tree outside
                  Camping out in the yard at night, especially tonite since it's Friday.
                  Reading is fun
or I can always drop them off at the Rec. to go swimming while I exercise.  Lord knows it's way pastdue for that. 
All these are free and fun becomes funner when it's free.  Who needs family vacations when there's family reunions anyway. 

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