Thursday, August 4, 2011


"For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also."  Matthew 6:21

My treasures have always been and always will be my children.  I have no worldy treasures.   Non whatsoever and don't want, need or prefer any.  Have never been interested in anything with diamond, gold and silver.  Things that don't breath.  Perhaps my origin accounts for that.  Growing up with nothing but the basic necessities and as long as I have the basic necessities taken care of and my children are happy, I'm good with that.  Treasures can be just "things", there will never come a time where "things" will be more important then "persons" and "people" in my life.  

How do I take care of my treasures?  By loving them like crazy and teaching them to be God loving, God fearing children.  That will keep them humble.  Recently I heard the country singer Lee Brice's song on the radio "Be a best friend ... overuse I love you..Dont let your praying knees get lazy and Love like Crazy.."  I love that song for it reminds me that I can never say "I Love You" enough to my children.  So every day, I make sure I say it to them.  I make sure they know just how much they mean to me.  I give them hugs and kisses and sometimes my older children think they are too old for sentimental gestures, but in my eyes, they will always will be my children. They are my gems, my heart and the epitome of my existence.

Many people treasure their nice houses, fancy cars and diamond rings.  Many people set their hearts on these material things that it becomes their only focus in life.  An OBSESSION!  They seek, breath and ready to die for them.  Sadly there is no compensation but a one way elongated street of emptiness and loneliness.  Cars and houses, diamonds and pearls won't say I LOVE YOU back.  When you die, there's no taking them with you.

So pick your treasures wisely my friends.  Some of them are right before your very eyes but you fail to see them.  If you treasures are your children, friends or families, then by all means love them.  Nurture them.  Help them and treat them with endless tender loving care.   They are precious, real and rare. 
Where your treasure is, that's where your heart is....


  1. I love your blog Sela!! Thank you for you much wisdom. Golly gee, I loved this post & am grateful for the reminder that I have precious gems of my own!!! Luv ya =)

  2. You're so very welcome Aki. Glad to have helped. Ofa atu.