Monday, September 5, 2011

Lucky in Love

"When they talk of someone dying of love, this is what they mean.  This is what happens.  It is being given a glimpse of paradise and then being denied it.  So that your lives turn to ashes in your mouth.  What did you expect me to do Nan.. behave as if you mean nothing to me, I might as well dig a hole in the ground and bury myself alive." 

And this is why I love reading, writing and watching movies.  Reality pales in comparison to movies and books when it comes to expression of emotions, yearning and longings.  No one says it better then books and characters.  Nan and Guy of "The Buccaneers" is a love story filled with suppressed love, infidelity and scandalous affairs.  It got me twisted in tangles of anger, sadness and at the end happiness for Nan as she finally got the courage to leave her Duke of a husband and be with Guy whom have always loved her since the first time he set eyes on her.

The British and their Aristocrats has long been a fascination of mine.  The way they treasure and worship their titles and their women living their lives as tightly laced as their everyday corsets.  Heaven forbid that their hair be out of place or their men go without their pantyhose, powdered wigs and faces.  So boringly feminine and dull.  Give me a Backwood's man or a cowboy anytime.  

Marriage of convenience, Arranged and forced marriages can be cold and bloody ugly.  To live without love in a marriage is worse then anything imaginable.  Void, dull, empty and grieviously pretentious.  I wouldn't want to wish it on my worse enemy.  Some survives and endures it for years.  Just to become indifferent, unfeeling and pass feeling.  Others are lucky to get out like Nan to find true love waiting for her.  I love happy endings and pray that all my children will find happiness in their marriages.  My son has a Heavenly marriage to his wife.  Their young love blooms and radiates inbetween them.  It manifest itself when they come around.  They are lucky in love.  I am grateful for that and pray that everyone of my children will have a happy marriage.   

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  1. Yes, I totally agree with you! It's all we can hope for with our children...that they live happily ever after with their soulmate!