Sunday, September 11, 2011


All the girls performed to-day.  Sil at her Bishop Manatau daughter's wedding and the rest of the girls at the Tonga Festival in Glendale.  Sil sang Celine Dion's "Because you Love Me" and the girls Mele and Pati performed "Poker Face" in the Glee version.  I heard them practicing to-day.  Sil was coaching the younger ones.  Their voices are so different from each others yet they sound good in their own way.  This whole week Patiola has been battling with a cold and just couldn't open up her throat to sing the song she had wanted to sing.  She ended up doing just the duet with Mele and that's it.  Beverly , Mele and Patiola all did a terrific job and it just gives me more ideas on what to have them learn for next year.  It's funny with the younger ones, they long to perform anywhere and everywhere.  Sil, of course being Sil, will never volunteer nor agree to sing unless someone other then us, asks her.  

And there lay the differences between drive and talented.  You can have talent, but if you don't have the drive, you'll never get anywhere.  But if you have little talent but the ambition and drive to better yourself and get somewhere, those are the ones that will make it.  My Beverly spend hours and hours everyday practicing her song for the Festival.  Out of all of them, I'd say Beverly is the most determined and most committed.  She is only 10 and she never wants to miss out on any opportunity to perform.  Her and Patiola.  I thought because of Pati's cold, she'd refuse to perform.  This girl did not back out.  She still sang.  Mele, on the other hand holds the deal.  She's coming around fine yet a little scared.  Eventually they will all come around.  

I believe the Lord blessed us all with unique talents.  It's like the parable of the Talents int the new testament.  To one he gave 5, to one he gave 2 and then another he gave 1.  The 5 and the 2 went to work doubling the talents they were blessed with.  The one with only 1, buried it and did nothing with it.  The Lord was very displeased with him that He cast him out of His presence.  Silia, I fear is the one with one.  The only thing she's really good at is singing.  The girl was born to sing.  The day she realizes this, is the day that she will prosper. 

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