Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stuffs garbage are made of...

"The dream of being an underage drinker often winds up in here".  I squinted as I read the words on the outside panel of our garbage truck.  Assuredly, the quote refers to the trash but I couldn't help wondering whether it was referring to the garbage truck driver too.  The thought made me giggle as I peeked outside the front yard to see the truck picking up the garbage dumping it to the back.  I'm also willing to bet that the garbage truck driver makes more than me hourly.  My husband has been voicing his complain aggressively lately.  That I need a second job to make things work.  My job is good but commission sucks now and every time we're slow, they VTO me.  I don't know why they call it VTo because I never volunteer time off.  They always demand it.  "Oh we're slow, you have to VTO now!"  They should call it GThO (Get the hell off).  I don't understand why they hire more people if work is always slow.   

In my old age, I hate to admit that I do regret not finishing up college.  The realization is hitting home like a hammer to a nail.  Education would be the only thing I would have done differently if given a second chance to do things over.  I'm determined to go back to school but there are some things that still stands in the way.  As soon as that is taken care of then I will go back to school.  My husband strongly disagrees, he thinks I'm too old.  I beg to differ.  There are 80 year old grandmas and grandpas still going back to school.  Plus I think a few more years to get a degree is worth it so I get a better paying job instead of this dead end jobs that's backing us up to a corner with no progress or advancement. 

A few of my newphews and nieces failed to graduate from high school.  I thought that impossible here in this great United States but it's sad to see these kids wasting their time and their life away.  The world out there are dying to get their feet here in America to make a living, finish school, get a better life and yet, these kids just let everything pass them by.  They will pay for it in the future though.  They will wish they had graduated and done better in school.  But just right now, they breeze through life in blissfull ignorance.  Oh how they will regret these choices.  So sad. 

Wasting of precious time and useful talents is like tossing the "pearl to the swine".  These are stuff garbage are made of.  Some times if we aren't careful with the things we do and spend time on, it will come back to haunt us.  Let's not throw it all away. 

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