Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thank God for Girls

This typical Saturday afternoon gets me singing Hallelujah for girls.  I have four of them and boy when they decide to be submissive and agreeable, it's a Heavenly Bliss.  Sisilia cleaning and mopping the kitchen, Mele the Living Room, Patiola the bathroom and Beverly, that miscreant, also help with various chores, like emptying the dishwasher, rinsing the garbage can, swatting the flies et cetera....

Music is blasting and everyone occupies themselves with their chores.  Neni girl (my niece) is here and she's also helping.  I'm cooking because hubby will be home shortly and he wants food ready on the table so he could watch the BYU game at 4.  I've been working all morning and boy life is full of promises when what you're engaging in is worthwhile and helpful to loved ones, family members as well as others.

Boys are evasive and will be lost to us parents.  They will get married and dedicate themselves to their wives.  That is a wonderful thing.  I've learned that with my oldest son.  Girls, I've learned for myself, will always be girls.  Always be our daughters even when marry.  We will always be our mother's daughters or our father's little princesses.  Girls are loyal, caring and will remain close even with families of their own.  They will always be there. 

The night before, a friend of Sisilia's passed away in a car accident.  Not one of her best friend but a friend none-the-less.  Sil showed me her blog to-day and it brought tears to my eyes.  So young!  25 year old Janelle Tonga'onevai died in a car accident.  I've seen her before but never talked to her.  Her blog left me breathless.  How she loved her husband and the depth of that love.  Now I wonder how her husband Ron will go on.  He will survive of course but what tragic impact this lost will be on him.  They just celebrated their one year anniversary. 

Life is precious and to be cherished.  With everything that is going on and everyone that passes on makes me more determine to live and love to the fullest.  To appreciate my life and those that I've been blessed with.  Girls rule to-day and I'm grateful for them. 

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