Saturday, September 3, 2011

A True Blue Fan

BYU Vs. OLE MISS to-day got me and hubby roaring and screaming.  For the first 3 quarters, BYU failed to score at all.  I was beginning to blame myself for jinxing the team.  This always happen (I'm thinking) when I'm watching one of my favorite teams play.  The minute I turn my back and leave, they score.  I came back and it was a little over 5 minutes left.  OLe Miss has possessive of the ball.  #3 Van Voy of the Y, I think that's his name, caused a fumble and scooped it up to make the saving play of the game!  OLE MISS thought they had the game in the basket.  Well, as typical of BYU ball games, they never give up until the fat whistle honks. 

I'm a crazy football fanatic fan.  Have always been since my boys started the game.  At first I had no clue of what it is I was watching.  I still don't but at least I know the key positions.  Quarter back, running back Defense and Offense.  That's it.  But give me a game and I have all my adrenalins pumped up until I'm jumping, running, shrieking and yelling like a maniac.  At my son Mahonrai's game, I never sit down.  Uh uh.  You won't find me sitting around.  I'm lined up exactly where the ball is on the back of the bleeches.  Don't want to miss a thing. 

I love football seasons.  Not much fan of basketball at all.  I love Rugby too and not much lover of soccer.  My baby Bev wants to play soccer so I think I'm going to sign her up next week.  But my favorite of all is football.  Mo's first game started with a bang.  They played against their rivalry team Alta.  Well again, it was a last minute win.  20 Bingham and I think 14 Alta.  It was a close game.  Mahonrai was on fire.  He plays Defense and he is a beast out there.  Boy am I glad I switched my shift to graveyard.  That way I won't miss a game.  Ha ha.  Watch out world Bingham and BYU is in the House.  Oh by the way, Granger is 3-0.  Mahonrai's team mates are firing it up at their own conference.  "O" for Awesome.  Bring it on.

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