Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a Week

Football, Emergency room, 'Ana's wedding, fishing in addition to the regularities of my life.  It was an almost typical week except for the occassional trips to the Emergency room.  If it's not my mom, it's my aunt Peta.  If it's not the two of them it's my dad or Sione's mom.  Had to rush my mom to the hospital as she was sick with stomach problems.  I know the Emergency room like the back of my hand.  More times then I care to count.  When any of my parents or my anut is in there, I am the only one that can accommodate their stay.  If one is hospitalized, I have no need to wonder who will see to them at the hospital.  I already know.  I love it though, sometimes the hospital is my break to take a breathing from the business of my everyday life.

My beautiful niece's 'Ana Seini had her wedding this past Friday.  It was one of the happiest weddings I've ever been to.  Married in the temple, 'Ana Seini set the greatest example for the other children to follow.  She is the sweetest, dearest girl.  Sometimes I think she is more like me then my own daughters.  Even my sister-in-law agrees with me.  My own girls are headstrong, stubborn and willfull.  Not that I want to change them.  I love the wildness in them.  Just sometimes I wished they would be a little more rounded spiritually.   This is something that I, personally, has to help them and Lord knows it's not from the lack of trying. 

Mahonrai's Bingham Sophomore football team is yet to be defeated.  They dominate every team they play against.   I think this year they will go undefeated. 

Yesterday, we went fishing.  My husband, bless his heart, failed miserably to catch one darn fish.  Sisilia and I couldn't help but laugh at him.  He was so sure he'll catch at least 40 fishes.  We came home and fried fishes from my sister-in-law's husband who went fishing and make that many catches.  LOL.

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