Friday, October 7, 2011

Birth Dates

So he called me from the Doctor's office asking for all our childrens' birth dates.  Mind boggling how he was presence at their procreations and their deliveries, except one, yet forget the dates of their birthdays.  He also asked for my SSI.  I felt offended that I memorized his SSI# and the children's birthdates and he doesn't.  We've celebrated the same birthdates for all Seven children every year at the same date, yet he still fails to remember or memorize them.  All I could say to him was:  "Where have you been in all our lives?" 

Do men in general forget their childrens' birthdates?  Or when you're over 3 children you have an excuse to forget.  Too many to remember?  Wow.  I give him credit for always remembering our anniversary.   Lord help him if he forgets.  He's always excited like a mouth watering child with a lollipop tangling infront of him.   All ready to jump and grap.  Two weeks before our anniversary, he'd tell me all his plans for that special day.   It's pleasing to know that after all these years (25) he's still thrilled and willing.  However, I only hope he won't be so forgetful of these significant dates that means the world to me.  

I think the best thing to do is have a "Remember Birthdates" session with him.  We'll do multiple choices and circle the right answers exercises.  That way he can remember who's birthdate is on which date.  This will
definitely trigger his memory.  After all, he didn't hestitate planting those seeds so he definitely have a responsibility to at least remember the day they were all born.  That's absolutely fair enough.

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