Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Being misinformed about her whereabouts last night, I send her a reprimanding letter.  Cleary, this was one of those moments where I'm jumping the gun.   Waited and waited last night for them but they didn't get home 'til almost 3am.  Have called and called and no answer.  Not that I worry about her.  Sisilia is an adult, I was just wondering where the heck Papi was.  She needed to come home and sleep for school. 

In the kitchen arranging the leftovers from Sunday evening for dinner, I heard them returning home from work.  I have an idea of how she will confront me.  With her eyes rolling and a:   "you're so over-dramatic mom".   Bulls eye.  Just as I was about to ask her if she received my email.   I love emails.  They get across so quickly and there's no retrieving and deleting once you press that "send" button.  She continued, "We were at Club T mom, T for TEMPLE."  Well, gag me and throw me over a river, how would I know what Club T stand for.  It's the first time I've ever heard of the Temple Square being referred to as a Club T. 

Papi ended up staying home from school.  She couldn't lift her eyelids to save her life.  Plus, she couldn't find one clean pants since our dryer is broken and she failed to hang up her wash.  I'm trying to teach them responsibility so they can hang up their own wash and all.  She told me that Sil, Ash and Brit went to a club.  Like myself, she thought Club T was a real club.

Well it was a relief to find out she didn't go to a club afterall.  Club Temple holds no threats to her moral values and all.  After all the Spiritual Feasting we did yesterday, it would be a buzzlement to me if she actually went to a nightclub.  However, I should have a had a little more faith in her and give her the benefit of a doubt. 

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