Friday, October 28, 2011


"Dreamers are scary people", the Radio host informed, "Some dreams and then some chase down their dreams and beat it mercilessly to the ground."   I listened and mockingly nudged myself as I am one of those who dreams.  Not that I'm doing any wild chasing to hustle my dreams down to the ground.  It's always:
One day I'll get to it.
Someday maybe
I'll start next week
So glad there's always tomorrow
If only I had the time
Any day now I'll finish that book.  The one that's already finished but needed polishing.  It's been sitting for more then a year now.
Oh there's always time
I'll do it later
Not to-day it's too busy
Uh uh writers block!

Then he went on to clarify an already proven and ancient point,  "Dreams are so fuzzy.  It may or it may not happen.  Until you set goals, write it down and give yourself a time-frame.  It'll never happen."  And thus the story of my life.   Why not write down my goals?  Because I've already doomed myself to fail.  I am my worse enemy.  Hesitate and reluctant to write down my goals because I don't have the discipline to go through with them.   Last year's resolutions list is tucked away at my kitchen drawer.  Every time I happen to see it, I scold myself all over again.  Nothing has been accomplished. 

But don't let anyone else tell me that "I CAN'T".   That enrages me.  Empowers the dreamer in me.  "WHO SAYS I CAN'T!"    So I'm writing them down.   Getting back on the bandwagon of setting goals and I'm not waiting until this coming new year to do that.  I'm starting to-day.  Thank you very much Mr. Radio Host.  You've just made me the Dream Catcher.   


  1. Yes, dreams are great, but without goals and a plan they are just "dreams". Good for you to jumping back on the bandwagon....

    Thank you so much for stopping by on my SITS Day and leaving me a sweet comment. I appreciate it very much.

  2. Love the attitude of how says I can't!