Monday, October 17, 2011


I don't believe in FATE.  I believe in living the consequences of each and everyone of our choices.  Consequences are inevitable and every twist and turns of the choices we make leads us to our DESTINY or our PLACE in this life.  That every decision made, brings us here to exactly where we are in this precise moment in our lives. 

Last night, I stepped out to my front porch and was surprised that it had rained and I was totally unaware of it.   The wind was howling, rustling the leaves of the trees back and forth.  Barefoot, I dashed to my car to check the windows because we have a bad habit of always leaving it down.   My feet felt a refreshed chill as the cement was wet and cold.  It brought back cherished memories of my childhood where every time it rains, every child in the neighborhood couldn't resist the chance to go out and play. 

For hours, we'd, slip and slide, swim in the mud, run, scream, laugh and played.   Unattended, unchaperoned by parents or adults.  Out in the open field of the old high school across the street.  Until our skin were wrinkly and squeakly clean, then I'd return home, exhausted, showered then dive under the warm sheet of my bed, listen to the raindrops on our rooftops and then drift off in heavenly bliss to sleep.  Happy, unaffected, untroubled by the burdens of reality, as every child in their childhood should be.  

Now, as a mother, times and places have changed.  My beloved island, use to be home, is no longer the place I desire to be.   This is the life I've chosen and this is the life that brings me joy, happiness and completeness.  My children, my family and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Perhaps to some, it may be limited and boring, but to me, they are my world and I wouldn't change a thing. 

FATE hath no place in my life.  Fate embraces sadness, regret, darkness and a life void of light and laughter. 
To every problem their is a solvable solution.  Every foe can be conquered and every wrong can be made right.  We choose our DESTINY.  We decide and design our own HAPPINESS through the choices and decisions that we make. 


  1. I love your description of playing in the rain. I don't play in the rain anymore, but I love watching my children in the rain. I don't believe in fate either. Thanks for stopping by for my SITS day!

  2. I always find your outlook and insight to be very interesting, as well as inspiring! Not sure if I believe in fate or not...kinda depends on each situation. I'm wishy-washy that way...LOL!!