Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Guess What Mom?"

She burst into my room with that precise question:  "Guess What Mom?  You'll never believe who's smoking."  As I was working, I turned to her to keep it down.  She looked at me, shakes her head and said,  "I can't believe it mom.  (Name withheld) is smoking.  She is still in 6th grade mom and she's smoking".  Instantly my mind directed itself to this child's parents.  Why wouldn't she smoke?  Both her parents are heavy smokers.  Sadly, that justifies her choice to smoke.   How can she resist otherwise. 

Patiola went on to say how furious she was at this friend.  She is an old friend from the West Valley area and they were so close.  Even if they don't constantly hang out they still remain dear friends.  She's a distant cousin also.  Being Pati, of course she wanted to know where they were going during half time.  Someone mentioned to her that they were going to smoke and Patiola just couldn't believe that this good friend, so young, is smoking.  She tracked her down and straight out reprimanded her.  She asked her numerous questions in a threatening way:

Who got you started in the first place?
Ans:  "I was pressured into it by my older cousins".
When did you start smoking?
Ans:  "When I was in fifth grade

Disappointment, shock as well as concern showed on my darling daughter's face as she carries on about her friend.  I can tell that she takes this seriously because she cares about the well being of her friend.  I was so proud of the way she handles herself.  She literally made her friend promise her that she will quit smoking.  Her friend told her she's "addicted" but she'll try.  Before they returned to the football game, her friend and the other girl asked, "Do you have a gum?"  Pati, instead of answering asked back" "Why do you want a gum for?"  One of them answered, "Because we don't want our parents to smell the cigarette on our breaths".  Pati, being Pati, took out the gum she was chewing, "Here, this all I have."  She splits her already chewed gum in half and handed them to her friend and her friend's friend.  They took the gum chewed on it.  WTH. 
I can't believe they took it.

Pati's cousin Neni Girl had a fresh pack of gum and she grapped for it to give them some.  Pati shook her head at her stopping her from giving them any gums.  With eyebrows raised she said to me, "They smoke, they don't deserve a fresh pack of gums".  I could not stop laughing.  This is my Patiola Savannah at her worse.  She can be vicious sometimes but her heart is as big as the size of Texas.  After the talk, she asked me if she can get on FB and send her friend a message.  Allowed, I watched her posting something like, " (Name) you are beautiful and I care for you.  Be strong and stay strong in the church..."  I forget the rest of the things she said to her friend but it was a sweet message.  I love my Popsy.

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