Monday, October 24, 2011

Manic Monday

I stood there while he vents, unleash and pours his heart out at me.  I understand his need to spill it all out.  After all, he is the one that single-handily takes care of my mother.   They live with me.  I cook all their meals everyday, do laundry, clean their room, take out the garbage and keep them company, but he, does everything else for my bedridden mother.  He's entitled to, once in a while, vent and let it all out.   His frustration is directed towards my 3 brothers and sister, who seldom, ever comes and visit, nor assist with anything else. 

Our culture, as Tongans, is different then any other culture.  We, as children, are obligated to take care of our parents and honor them until they pass on.   That's why is very rare that any Polynesian out there, ever, resolve to putting their elderly in rest homes or nursing homes.   We take care of our elderly no matter what condition they are in.   My father reprimanded me for not opening my mouth, as the eldest of the children and take responsibility in reminding my siblings that they still have a duty to perform while our mother is still alive.  I stood there and listened and absorbed everything he says.  I have always been one to never shrivel from any responsibility in my own family, refusing to overstep my boundary to that of my siblings.  But in this matter, he is right.   They need to be reminded that our mother is not yet dead.  That while she's alive, they still have obligations to fulfill. 

I love my father.  He was a great father.  Loving and completely devoted to us children.  As also my mother.   These unfortunate circumstances with their health grieves me because, my parents worked, labored and gave everything they had to provide a good life for us children.   Now, in this time of their needs, my siblings are hardly ever around and I'm guilty of not doing enough.   I'm so grateful to still have them around.  Grateful that I have a chance to show them how much I appreciate and love them.  I hope my brothers and sisters will eventually realize how blessed they are to still have parents that are still alive.  

Now the other Monday things include a sick Mele Vasiti being picked up from school.  Broken dryer.  Trunk-a-treat tonight that we have to make curry for.   New bills to be paid.  Frustration that Sisilia is still not getting it with the male-female relationship.   Antibiotics for Aunt Peta.  Cleaning the house.  Stack of dishes in the sink.  Yadda yadda yadda and it's only Monday for crying out loud.   Just another Manic Monday.   

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  1. Your Monday sounds like my Monday....way too much to do and not enough time to do it. Such is life, right?

    I really hope your siblings will come to remember how much your mom did for them when they were younger so they could have a good life. It must be hard to have an elderly parent to care for.