Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Mahonrai

My football son Mahonrai appeared confused last night when I asked him to take out the trash.
"What?  Is tomorrow Wednesday already?"
I assured him, "Yup, tomorrow is Wednesday and trash day".
His mouth widened in a big smile as he grinned  and said something about how time flies.   Yes, time sure flies by.  This boy towers over me and he is only 15.  And he can't seem to stop bragging about himself.
"My coach told me yesterday that I've got the perfect arms and the perfect calves."
His dad and I looked at each others and burst out laughing.  We both know once he starts, he won't stop.
"I just need to work on the rest of my upper body now."

But I love this youngest son of mine.  He has a passion for football that can light up the sky.   That and Rugby.
As for his arms and calves, I won't deny it.  He is build for the sport and his got the biggest calves in his whole football team.  He is perfectly build,  if I may say so myself.   He's got it easy though.  As the youngest and growing up in a time my husband has retired for his concrete work, he hardly does any hard labor like his two oldest brothers, whom, at a very young age, started hard, hard labor of cement work when they were 12.

I picked his name when I was teaching Seminary and extremely heavy with pregnancy.   "MAHONRAI  is a valiant prophet in the book of Mormon.  The brother of JARED.   The fact that he was favored by God and everything he asked was given to him, because he would never have asked anything contrary to the will of God.  His middle name "TEANCUM", is a war hero and righteous man in the Book of Mormon too.   I love the names for they were heroes and were valiant, courageous and God fearing.

In honor of our parents, families and culture, we named our children after their grandparents or aunts or uncles.  We divided naming the children between my husband and I.  Four are named after his side of the family, (Leveni, Sisilia and Mele Vasiti and Beverly.  Two are named after my family (Petueli and Patiola).  Mahonrai is the only name that we both agreed on that didn't have to be after one or the other.


  1. What a beautiful name and wonderful meaning behind it. I love that he is confident in himself. That will get him far!

  2. I love names with meaning behind them.

  3. So cool hearing the beautiful names of your children!! Had to smile at the story of your son saying that time 15!!! Wait till he's forty...then he will really feel it flies! :))
    Loved your post!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day and leaving such kind words! Your son sounds like he has an awesome spirit!!!