Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clone Me Please!

I'd have made one hell-u-va race car driver.  Yesterday was one of those days where I literally spend inside a car.  Whisking my people here and there, sudden stops, drop off and pick up.  From work and school.  Running errands.  Unloading and loading shopping.  Until after 6pm just to rush home and start dinner.  Heaven forbid anyone  else can start dinner.  Hubby was sick and the younger children complained of food deprivation as if there wasn't a refrigerator loaded with food they can munch from to carry them over until dinner's ready. 

Took about half hour to cook a dinner that was gobbled up in less then 10 minutes.  Gathered the children for a quick family home evening to say grace and get a dose of scriptures just to end up with another half hour scowling them for misbehaving during prayer.  I shudder to think I've failed in teaching them to be respectful and reverent during prayers.  One eye open, one hand reaching knocking over the candle holder, another slouching at the corner and one with both eyes wide open just staring at nothing.  A bolt of lightning might just blaze down from the Heavens and strike our house down.   Then where would we be?

Goodnight kisses, hugs and I'm at my computer getting ready to log in at 10pm. to work.  My youngest Beverly has the chills.  "Mom I'm cold."  During our family home evening, I had given her an Excederin for she was complaining of headache and body ache.  My children, being big for their age, hardly ever take childrens medicine.  They take adult medicine but not at adult dosage as soon as they're able to swallow a round size ibuprofen.

I couldn't keep her from shaking and feared she was going into a seizure.  Got my dad to administer to her just to hear my husband from the living demanding to have my dad administer to him too.  Freak!   I'm thinking.  You're on your own buddy.  I've never had any experience with seizures before.  I had my youngest son carry her into the living room couch and did what I've only done once before, when my oldest son broke a femur, I called the Paramedics.  My husband looked at me as if I'm nuts for calling the paramedics.  "Well, can't you see, she can't stop shaking."  He stressed, "She is fine!"  I shrieked, "She might be going into a seizure!"  He glared then said, "She doesn't have the symptoms of a person going into seizure".  I'm thinking: When did he become an expert in seizures.  

Then my think-she-knows-it-all daughter Sil came up.  Felt her sister's forehead,  "Mom what kind of medicine did you give her?"   Irritated that she should question my ability as a nurse (I might as well be one) I said, "I gave her an Excederin for she was complaining of headache.. " and  I didn't finish my sentence, her voice raised "Did you give her adult dose Excederin because you always do that mom".  When in the blooming hell did she know more then me, I wondered.  They survived infancy, youth and adulthood through my nursing skills.  I shout, "stop yelling at me!"

Bev keeps gazing at the door impatient for the paramedics to come and whisk her away.   I yelled at my son Mahonrai to wait for the paramedics outside.  He's walking around already asking, "Mom can I miss school tomorrow because Beverly is sick?"  Is that all he cares about?  His sister is dying and he all he think about is ditching school.  We should be hearing the siren but for the life of me it takes them eternity to get here.  Through the back window I saw the Paramedics without the siren on.  I guess they sense it wasn't a matter of life and death but what if it was?

The paramedic leader, strolled in.  Take one look at her.  Shove something in one ear and another up her fingers.  After a few seconds he explains, "She has a fever of 102.  That explains the chills."  
I looked at him questioning, "Isn't she going into seizure?" 
He replied, "No ma'am.  Her body is just reacting to the fever.  Just give her some Tylenol or Advil unless of course you want us to take her to the hospital.  Or you can always take her yourself." 
Can the floor just swallow me up
"Are you sure she's not going into seizure?"  Instantly relieved.
He goes on gesturing his arms,  "Ma'am, if this was a seizure, her hands and her body would be tightening up...curling into a ..."  and I didn't want to hear anymore because obviously I've just been moded for the first time in the area of mother-nurse.

As the paramedics took their leave, my great aunt Peta, limped into the hallway inquiring; "Where's the paramedic?"  I looked at her and said, "They've left".  She raised her voice:  "Why didn't you tell them to come and take me to the hospital!  I'm sick!"  Holy Crap!!!  She didn't look like she was about to roll over and die. 

And the night ended quietly with everyone drifting off to a Heavenly sleep while I logged in and work until 2am. Then I crawled like the Grudge, exhausted, into our crowded bed as a sick husband and a sick child sandwiched me in without a pillow!!  and the rest of the house in chaos awaits me bright and early this morning.   It's days like these where it'll really make me shrill in pleasure if there were two of me.  Can I be cloned?  Just for one day so I can catch up with everything....Clone me please!  A helping hand would do nicely.


  1. I'm sorry. I know this was a horrific day....and feel so bad for your "seizure scare" but the way you told this story had me laughing! :) Such a great post!! I especially had to smile at how EVERYONE had to get in on the action some way....and then your son wants to know if he can miss school! He sounded exactly like my middle son!! :)
    Thanks for sharing your day...and really...I hope today is much better. You've proved you can survive anything life throws at you!

  2. Wow what a whirlwind of a day! I like how everyone was jumping in with their own suggestions and advice. You have a house full of experts. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday on my SITS day!

  3. Thanks Kristi, my Bev told me the next morning she wanted to go on the Ambulance. I'm hoping she didn't exaggerate her shaking just because she wanted to take a ride on the Ambulance. It was frightening but then it ended up all too funny at the end.

  4. Oh man! What a day. Having a sick family is the worst. I hope everyone recovers quickly! And if you figure out the cloning thing, let me know. I could totally use a second me.