Thursday, November 17, 2011


No, I'm not psychotic but my relationship with food is.  Psychotic, Neurotic and Hypnotic.  I've lost track of how many times I embark on dieting.  But it always ends up the same.  A loosing battle.  I'm confused whether it's a mind thing or a stomach and mouth thing.  Being the two against the one. 

Mind:  "Don't forget we're on a diet people!"
Stomach and mouth:  "What!  Again... Nooooo.  We're not dieting. Uh Uh.  We refuse to diet.  WE WANT FOOD, WE WANT FOOD, WE WANT FOOD."  (Yes they chant)
Mind"Fine, we'll grab some to-die-for vegetables or fruits. Think skinny won't you.  Lawd knows we need it all around here, here and here" (Pointing to the butt, stomach and um the all over the body)
Stomach and mouth:   "Oh but we're hungry for real food.  You know... our usual.  Oreos, Chocolate Chip Cookies, uuuhhhh some chewy double chocolate fudge brownies.  Oh oh and how about a big juicy, mouth-drooling burgers...  What do ya say?  Can we, could we, ought we?  Pretty please!"
Mind: "Fine then!  You guys talked me into it.  But only a little bit.  OK.  A little taste that's all."

(Like Eve tempting Adam with the apple)  

And then all hell break loose.

Mind:  Well, one of these days, I really have to run it off.  Really! How about Zumba, Insanity and Mountain climbing.  Right......(and I'm singing in the rain)  

I know, I know,  I'm terribly weak.  Oh so weak.  But if I don't get my daily overdose of Oreos I can get Psychotic.  A raving lunatic.  Yes, my children and my hubby won't like me at all.  So for world peace and home peace, I have to have my Oreos thank you very much.   



  1. I know this story very well. VERY well :) I settle it by eating well all day and having 3 pieces of Dove Dark Chocolate pieces at night. yuuummm...and some days it's the only thing that keeps me going! LOL.

  2. All those sweets you mention are my downfall as well!! Especially double stuffed oreos!

    My husband knows that I can easily be soothed with a glass of wine and a package of oreos. He's such an enabler.

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