Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where's my anti-aging cream people?

Frantic is the the word to use when I have to search for my anti-aging face cream.  Lately, I refuse to buy cosmetics because with 4 daughters and a puppy, they all end up taking over my make-up.  The puppy wears the lipstick.  But the worse, the worse part is when they dip into my precious "no brand" anti aging cream.  I have to practically holler in distraught due to the fact that they do not need anti-aging anything.  My body may be 50 but I'd like my face to be 35 at least.  I'd like to fool my grandchildren, if they'll ever arrive in this world, that grandma still look like a grandma instead of the great ancient grandma.  I can't afford to go a day without it. 

But every morning it seems to have its own two feet.   And if I hide it, my ears will fall off with screeches of questions:
"Mom, where's your face cream?  I need it."
Annoyed I'd ask, "Can't you guys just use regular lotion?"
 "No mom, yours works better and feels better on our skin"
"You guys don't need it, you don't have wrinkles.  Plus that's a $20 face cream."  I quiver just thinking about the price. It's $5 less then the brand-name ones but I'm cheap and frugal simply because, well,  we're always broke.  That cream is suppose to last me 3 months.  Normally, it's only suppose to last a month but I use it SPARINGLY!  Now I have to share it with my children who shouldn't even worry about wrinkles for about 30 more years.  Let alone my son Mahonrai uses it when it's easily access to him. 

Anti-aging creams are suppose to be a womans weapon to fight against aging.  Yes, some of us are threatened by aging and imagine ourselves going into battle against it.  No, we refuse to "GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT", as the great poet Mr. Thomas puts it.  Of course he was referring to death but in this case, I refer it to aging.  It's the death of us.  We women like to look good for the rest of our good-looking lives.  So these anti-aging creams can do the tricks and fight till the end to defeat if not prolong our skin from deteriorating and folding in on us.  They:  ILLUMINATE, ELASTICATE, SHIELD, HYDRATE, EXFOLIATE, SMOOTH, SHINE, FIRM and DIMINISH HYPERPIGMENTATION whatever that means.  But if you're not broke like me, then you can always afford to have PLASTIC SURGERY, SHOTS OF BOTOX AND LYPO-something.

I love my anti-aging creams.  It's a wonder that my face should be smooth and soft like a baby's bottom and light up like a fluorescent lightbulb!   So fantastic the things it can do and now if only I can get my kids hands off of 'em. 

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