Monday, November 21, 2011

Why I Blog

After hearing a very good friend of mine remark that she's been following my blog,  I started to ponder again on the many reasons why I decided to join the blogging world.  Having always been a very private person with a relentless passion for writing, this was an irresistible way for me to hone and sharpen my writing skills.  Not that I didn't love writing things down with a pen on a paper, the thrill of pounding away on a keyboard was tremendously satisfying that it sealed my indecisive mind into an outright pouring and sharing of thoughts and feelings into a blog.

Much so, that there's no desire to return to simply writing things down with a pen and paper.  However, no way am I giving up writing over to blogging.  The primitive method of mating a pen and a paper will forever be the ultimate method of journaling, diarying and keeping notes.  Blogging, let's say, is the new kid in town.  So exciting, thrilling and intriguing that it's undeniable.  Apart from striving to improve my writing, I'm finding that there's so many other reasons behind my desire to blog.

*  It's a convenient outlet to let it all spill out.   Very therapeutic.  Does a lot of good for my sanity.

*  I like sharing my fears, anger, doubts, dreams and visions with others.

*  My children are extremely musically talented that I wanted a way to publicize those talents.  

*  Through blogging I've met so many wonderful people that I'd never have met, had I not blogged.  

*  Extremely enlightening and highly educational.  I'm learning a lot of things from other bloggers.

* Why not blog?  I'm always one to try new things and so far I love it.

This year commences my love affair with blogging.    There's still so much to learn about this blogging business but I'm gradually getting the hang of it.  With time, the possibilities are endless and outrageous.  It's a whole different world out here in cyberspace and I might as well create a niche in it.  


  1. Hey, I started blogging for about half those reasons too.

  2. i blog for most of these reasons aswell. :D

  3. I love blogging. It's definitely a form of therapy for me!

  4. I must say, after almost four years of blogging, that blogging is awesome! And free therapy is always a good thing.