Friday, November 4, 2011


I can't comprehend anyone, child, teenager and adult who would not keep  a journal, diary, a book of rememberance.  I'd be lost without a pen and a paper.  Totally lost if I can't write down my thoughts, feelings and opinions.  To not have any outlet to unleash, share, express and direct my feelings, I'd simply shrink and disappear into nothingness.  Vanish into a silent world where I have no voice and no one can hear me.  

Writing defines me.  What I write about.  What my feelings are.  How I feel towards others and things.  It's almost like a lifeline.  Where, if I'm sinking in despair and swallowed up in darkness, the moment I jot those feelings down on paper, I begin to emerge, lighten by every stroke of my pen, freed by every worded ink that stains that paper, until I'm weightless like a feather and instead of sinking, I'm floating on the surface and can breathe easily again.    This is why I write.

Everywhere I go, I always make sure I have a pen and a paper just in case I need to write somethig down.  I get inspirations all the time from both likely and unlikely places.   In the Shopping Center, a movie theatre, While I'm driving down the street, when my children are talking to me, at work.  Everywhere.  That's why I'm never without a pen and a paper. 

In addition to writing, it's reading.  I never, ever leave home without a book.   My children reads.  However, they don't have a passion for writing such as I do.  Perhaps one day, they'll acquire a love for writing.  I only hope it's sooner instead of later. 


  1. Many years ago I had a crazy girlfriend who went rifling through my apartment and found my journal, and read it...when I came home she couldn't believe that I wrote about things that made me angry, sad, or made me laugh...She couldn't believe how I wrote about everything for that matter...and I'll never forget her yelling at me "What do you think you're a writer ?" , to which I simply replied "yes...I am a writer"...and wrote her out of my story soon after...Writing is the closest I'll ever get to how the flight of a bird feels...Nice blog :-)Hello from New York City !

  2. i keep many journals and diaries of sorts. i call them blogs! ^_^