Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas CD for Eld. Toki

My son Eld. Toki keeps asking for a CD from us and my daughter Sisilia thought it would be a good idea to put together a family CD so we can send it to him for Christmas.  Each girl gets to pick a song that she would want to sing and then have my oldest son, Leveni record it in his home studio.  Beverly chose this one, "When Christmas comes to Town."

At first I thought she would be too nervous to record as this was her very first recording experience, but she actually surprised me.  It two only two takes to record her song and then the beginning part of the "La la la.."  was a separate take itself.  She was very much comfortable and confident.  Toward the end of her song, though there was a little stutter but Leveni thought it would cute to leave it like that.  All and all we only manage to record 2 songs.  "The Chirstmas Song" by Sil and this one by Bev.  The rest we couldn't find the Karaoke for it.  This coming Tuesday though is when we will finish the rest of the other songs by the girls and then send it with his Christmas box on Wednesday.

Last night Patiola and Mahonrai sang at the Stake Youth Fireside Christmas program.  As they were about to come on stage to sing, this guy moved the microphone and it fell to the ground.  The orchestra had already started the music so by the time they had the microphone fixed, they were already half way done with the song.  It was pretty frustrating watching this but they were asked to do it again and they did.  I think that because it was a disaster the first time, they both lost their composure so they didn't sing out as they should have.  These kids need to learn that as performers, you have to be pretty much shameless and grow a new backbone made of steel.  That way if they make mistakes, they'll perfect it the second time around.

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