Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

My heart is still full from the Christmas celebration.  Celebrating with those who you love the most and missing those who weren't there.  My sister Ange and my brother Leli.  One in Hawaii, the other in Tonga.  Miss them so much.  It was a humble yet happy Christmas.  It didn't take much to make the children happy.  Patiola, indeed got two much needed pair of jeans.  One from me and one from her older sister Sil.  Mahonrai got a pair of long overdue shoes from me and a pack of socks from Sil.  And the three girls received a Beauty Box from Sil for them to all share.  All hair things as they lack those.

We also had a secret Santa later on that night.  Every thing that was exchanged between us were below $5.  The spirit of Christmas did not come from the presents this day.  It came from church and from spending time with our loved ones.  At 4pm, we had dinner and gift exchange at Leni's house with all her children and grandchildren.  So much love there.  Neits (my sister-in-law) had so many cute gifts for all the women and the children.  Then we headed back home to my family and my two brothers and sister with all their children came over to eat again and visit with our parents.  Both houses were full with excitement, laughter and love.

There were about 40 family members in each house.  Our Elder missionary Ortigoza and Blanc came by to visit.  It was so sweet,  then to top everything off, my son Eld. Toki called from Hawaii.  We all took forever talking to him.  He's coming home in August and he's not very thrilled about it.  Such a beautiful Christmas and it shows me how so very blessed I am. 


  1. What a wonderful day filled with family. It sounds perfect!

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  3. The Christmas Spirit is always the love, not the gifts! :)