Saturday, December 31, 2011

Give it up for Mele Vasiti and the year 2011

This day, December 31st, last day of 2011 and every year after she was born,  we celebrate her birthday.  My precious,  beautiful and extremely talented Mele Vasiti Toki.  She was born with chunky, glowingly pink cheeks and the biggest, roundest eyes ever.  To this day, she loves when I talk about her pink cheeks.  Mele is now officially a teenager.  She is 13 years old to-day.

Saturday, to-day, the very last remaining day of 2011.  Once gone, will be gone forever.   Vanishes, disappear into the past like a puff of smoke.  Somewhere in time, the past exists only in the dens of our memories and seems but like a fig of our imaginations.

What have I done this year?   No grand accomplishments here but what really counts are the small deeds that mounts up to being grand. What really matters the most.  The love and trust of my husband, children and family.  Finding peace and satisfaction in what God has blessed us with.  Showing gratitude for the smallest and most simple things in life.  True and pure joy, not so much in material things, but that what we have is enough and making do with what we can do without. 

So many things happened this year.   Good and bad, sad and happy.   No matter what happens though, life goes on.  'Time waits for no man."  We have it in our hands but we can't keep it.  So what we do with our time, is so very precious and special.  We need to use time so that we live free of regrets and not be sorry for things we could have done differently.

A celebration of birth to-day.  My Mele, as well as my other children continues to grow every single day.  Also, a celebration of a year end and also another year coming.  2011 will be the past, 2012 will be the present and the future.  Life is what you make it.  We need to be the best that we can be each and every day.  Make it count and serve, love others as we journey on.   


  1. Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl!

  2. Happy Birthday to Mele and Happy New Year to you! Hope 2012 is wonderful for you!!

  3. She's have every right to be proud of her!!

    Happy birthday to Mele!

  4. The small things are the best things!