Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm blogging here!

It's absolutely annoying when a marvelous idea hits home and you want to blog about it immediately, just to come across some brackish obstacles hindering your attempt.  Typical ones such as these:

"Mom I'm hungry", one yells
"Feed me woman", someone else demands
"Mom what is more important, your facebook or me?"  another one remarks. 
"I am not on Facebook.  I am blogging." I yelled back
"What's blogging mom?"
"It's just something I'm doing on the computer." 
"Don't lie mom, you're on FB aren't you.  You're a camper?"
Then how about my 21 year old daughter Sisilia:  "Can anyone hear the words that are coming out of my mouth?  I  a m  h u n g a r y!" 

If it's not feeding hour, its help locate something hour, take me somewhere hour or help put my husband's socks on or scratch his head.   

All the terrific ideas that I was going to blog about flies out the window.  
Just like I can't have time for a decent blog, trot or crock without someone needing my service, my attention or calling out my name.

Mom, Mom, mother, mom, mom, mommy, momma........

And we've just got done with breakfast!  Hello!  I'm blogging here.  It's my time to blog people.  You all have two hands, please go and grab something for yourselves to eat again.  I'm not a house maid to wait on everyone every moment of the damn day.

So I'm always having a devil of time trying to siege some decent blogging times without my brains scattering in the air because a piece of me is needed somewhere else.


  1. it's like you peeked into my window! honestly, as soon as I think I have a minute, bam! someones needs a yogurt, or their butt wiped, or a story...
    hello?! mama's blogging!

  2. Had to laugh at this! I JUST had to kick two kids off the computer AND put on headphones so I could blog for the first time in a week and half!
    I understand sister....I understand! :)

  3. Use a laptop, go out to buy "groceries", find nearest hotspot.

    Blog to your hearts desire.

  4. i know EXACTLY how you feel Sela...

  5. This is too funny!! I told my kids as much as I love being a chauffer, maid,n personal assistant to Mr.Meredith n his kids, by law I have to take breaks throught the day! I get blank stares, then in one ear n out the other n the noise starts up again! The life of a wife n mother......