Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Double Bang beginning

Lesson learned about partying away New Year's Eve.  DO NOT START THE PARTY TOO EARLY!  Our immediate Toki family got together at my sister-in-law's house and we started the party right at 7:00 pm.  Good food, great music, a little too much soda and a whole lot of dancing.  Before we know it, by 9 o'clock we were all partied out and ready for bed.  So we each went home and went to sleep before it even hit midnight for the countdown.  Next year, we decided we'll start at 10pm.  That way we can stay awake for the countdown at least.

Sunday Jan. 1st, a major argument and disagreement between Leveni and a fellow musician over a song.  One I prefer to forget.  And to have it happen right on New Year's day got me bummed out.  Anything involving my children, involves me.  Things have cooled down though but not after it got me all bothered and worried about him. 

Monday Jan. 2nd, an old childhood friend died of cancer.  Diagnosed with two types of cancer.  One of them was brain cancer.  It didn't take long at all after her diagnose and a few chemo sessions before she passed away.  It made me think of the way I would want to die.  In my sleep?  In my old age free of pain and hurt.  Could I be so lucky?  Can't pick and choose, can we?  Drowning, plane crash, cancer, car crash, suicide, shooting accident, robbery, hunting accident, DUI, war, sickness, typhoon, tornado, earthquake, tsunami, fire, eaten by a wild animal in Africa (not that I'd ever go there)...Does it matter how we die?  I used to be terrified of the thought of death.  Now, because I understand the Plan of Salvation, I no longer fear death.  It's just one more door we must pass through.  Part of that great and wonderful plan that God has for all of us. 

Yesterday, Jan 4th.  My oldest son's 24th birthday.  My first experience as a mother.  I finally understood how my mother felt about me.  Like layers of foggy lenses being stripped away until I can finally see clearly'Til I felt a Mother's love for the very first time.   As every mother felt towards their own flesh and blood.  It was an eye opening experience.  I remember it as I remember yesterday.  Fresh and absolutely amazing experience.  Giving birth.  The whole new world of motherhood. 

Despite all the things that has happened these very first days of 2012, I feel this year will be a great and successful year.   There's a certainty in this that I've never felt before.  Probably because it'll be a year of hard work governed by determination and persistence.  


  1. God wants nothing but good things for us, and as long as we remember that, the year will be fantastic! (easier said than

  2. The knowledge of the Plan of Salvation definitely makes things easier and more worth while. My husband and I ate snacks nd watched a couple of movies- luckily we made it to midnight.

  3. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. And happy birthday to your oldest. Life can be such a rollercoaster of emotion sometimes! Happy New YEar!

  4. Goodness! You have had quite a week. I am so sorry for your loss. Understanding the Plan of Salvation helps for sure, but it is still hard to lose someone. Happy BIrthday to your son! I hope that 2012 brings much more joy and less sorrow for you.

  5. I'm sorry your year has gotten off to such a rocky start but hopefully 2012 will be full of wonderful, happy events for you and your family!